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Orchard County Primary School, Armagh

Outdoor Education Day 5 P5/6

12th Apr 2019

The Easter bunny 🐰 hopped into our final Outdoor Education day and we all enjoyed the annual hunt for Easter tokens which were happily exchanged for a bag of jelly sweets. As part of our science lesson, the children conducted an investigation to look at how creatures adapt to enhance their chances of survival. In pairs the children took turns to “fly” across the playground in search of caterpillars 🐛 (actually different coloured pieces of wool) to feed their young chicks 🐥 (actually a piece of card with double sided sticky tape). We discussed camouflage, ecosystems, biodiversity and the importance of weeds in the lawn as an early source of food for the insects.  Our final activity of the week was a series of games on the MUGA before we headed off to enjoy our well-deserved Easter holiday. HAPPY  EASTER  EVERYONE